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TechStars companies’ hosting decisions

The other day I stumbled across a post on Hacker News titled Chart of YC companies’ hosting decisions. The post caught my attention as it’s always interesting to see the decisions other smart founders are making. Being a TechStars alum, I immediately reached out to the creator, Joel Franusic and asked if we could make a similar chart for TechStars. He agreed and after finding a list of active TechStars companies the new charts are ready.

The charts were generated by an open-source tool built by Joel called domain-profiler. It’s a neat tool and surfaces publicly available information in a really interesting way. It’s also interesting to compare the TechStars graph with the Y-Combinator graph. For example, notice how MediaTemple has a deal with TechStars and gets a much larger slice of the pie for TechStars than YC. Some other things of note about the TechStars graphs:

  • Smaller percentage use Google Apps for email
  • Greater percentage use SSL certificates
  • Greater diversity in web hosts

Joel is a startup evangelist for Microsoft and I look forward to following his work with domain-profiler and other projects.