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My wish list for Facebook

I’m a big fan of Facebook.  It’s one of the few services I use every day and I find it to be invaluable for keeping up with people. One of the results of using any service a lot, is that it makes it really easy to point out the flaws and features that are missing. Here are a few things I’d love to see implemented in Facebook:

I wish Facebook had nested comments on newsfeed items. I often find myself annoyed by the flood of notifications I receive after other people interact with an item I commented on or liked. As a result, I find myself commenting less when I think it’s likely I’m going to be spammed.  Nested comments would solve this problem as I could receive notifications only for direct replies to what I said.

I wish I could untag myself in pictures. This feature doesn’t seem to be working consistently.  I click “remove tag” and Facebook redirects me to my profile page without untagging me.

I wish the vertical spacing on the top header was even in the new design. I’m OCD. Small details like this tend to drive me crazy.

I wish the messaging system worked better. The two main things I want are reply-by-email and my inbox count in facebook to be automatically decremented after I read a notification email. This could easily implemented by adding a simple beacon to the notification emails.

I wish chat worked with XMPP as promised over a year ago.

I really wish Facebook would let me use the API to map Facebook ID’s to a given list of email addresses.

That’s my list.  What did I miss?