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A missed connection at TechCrunch 9

Last night Arrington had a humorous post about a missed connection at the TechCrunch 9 party. Rob and I had the same thought the moment we saw it – “If only they had EventVue!”

Missed connections happen all the time. In fact, you usually do not even know about the opportunities you miss. Perhaps someone that represents a valuable opportunity for you is attending the same event. How would you ever know they were going to be there? The way we currently network at events is random, thin, and incomplete.

Think about the last conference you attended. When you arrived, you had no idea who else would be attending with you. You randomly wandered the conference floor, hoping to stumble into someone interesting to you. Afterwards, you have nothing but a huge stack of business cards and your memory to help you follow up.

Arrington’s right. There is a huge need for better networking tool around events. We can’t wait to show you EventVue.


Know any conference organizers?

A lot of people have been asking us what they should expect next from EventVue. After seeing some impressive results from the Community Next conference, we have been working hard to add new features and make our product more scalable. We learned a lot from our Community Next experience. Sure, we made a few mistakes, but we learned from them and we have a better product as a result.

We’re now starting to move into the process of talking to as many conference organizers as we can. We’re hoping to announce several new EventVue-powered conferences within the next month. If you are friends with a conference organizer who we could talk to, please let me know. You can reach me at