Announcing Origin. Where it all begins.

I’m excited to be working on a new project with Matthew Liu called Origin Protocol.

Origin is a series of protocols to enable the sharing economy without intermediaries. The technology is built on top of IPFS and the Ethereum network. I’ve complained for years about the growing centralization on the web, without having a good answer to how we fight back against having the internet controlled by a handful of companies.

Origin is the most audacious project I’ve ever worked on. We’re asking questions like, “What if open-source protocols could replace entire companies?”

Matt and I have built several cash flow businesses together but this project is far more important and meaningful than anything we’ve tackled before. We’ve been doing a lot of writing lately to put our ideas into the world. I hope you’ll check out our product brief and technical whitepaper. Jump into our slack channel and join us in decentralizing the web again.