One of the things I have greatly benefited from is being surrounded by good mentors. I was once advised to surround myself with people who are smarter than me (it’s not a high bar, I know). Getting mentors involved in my life and company is one of the things I’ve done consistently over the last five years and I attribute much of the success I’ve had so far to the involvement of those mentors.

People sometimes ask me how they too can find great mentors. For me, it was at TechStars where I really learned how to find mentors and keep them engaged. If you’re an eager entrepreneur craving good mentorship, then TechStars is a great place to start.

I’m honored this year to be a mentor myself at two of the TechStars programs — TechStars Cloud in San Antonio, TX and The Next Big Thing in Greenville, SC (which is part of the TechStars network).

I’m excited to have the chance to give back and share some of the lessons I’ve learned with some other young entrepreneurs. If you’ve got an idea for a company and want to increase your odds of success, I encourage you to apply to one of the TechStars programs. There’s a good chance it will change your life, just as it did mine.