Speaking at Velocity Conference

In a couple weeks I’ll be speaking at O’Reilly’s 2011 Velocity Conference. Velocity is an annual gathering of people who care a lot about web performance. The tagline this year is “Automated, Optimized, Ubiquitous”. Of course, “Automated” describes nicely what we’re doing at Torbit — taking cutting-edge performance techniques and making them available to anyone with a website. I’ll be speaking on the 15th and I’m looking forward to sharing some of the things we’ve learned.

The conference is taking place in Santa Clara, CA on June 14-16. Each year Velocity attracts the best known names in the industry and speakers from companies like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft present their latest research and findings. The schedule is crammed with great content and I’m honored to be included on the roster. My talk will focus on mobile optimizations and I’ll be going into more detail on the new localStorage optimizations we have developed at Torbit for delivering amazing mobile performance.

I’m looking forward to the event and I hope to see lots of familiar faces there on June 14th. Let me know if you’re planning to attend as I’d love to meet up and make lots of new friends while I’m there.

  • Cloud Four Jason Grigsby writes “I’m speaking today at the Velocity Conference in San Francisco. Back in 2003 when John and I spent weeks working on performance, we never thought performance would reach the point where a whole conference would be focused on it. It’s an amazing thing.

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  • I like that conference and it give me too much info

  • i remember the velocity conference. it was real useful at the time and i learnt a lot from it.