My new gig: making the internet faster

I’m incredibly excited to announce a brand new company from Jon Fox and me. It’s called Torbit. We’re here with a simple but audacious mission: to make the internet faster.

Jon and I met at TechStars in 2007 and have been good friends ever since. Jon’s previous company was IntenseDebate which he sold to Automattic. We have both been itching to get into another startup and we’re extremely excited about Torbit. I have a huge amount of respect for Jon and I’m stoked for the chance to finally get to work with him.

The idea behind Torbit is to have a service that automatically speeds up your website.  We want to take all the best practices for website speed optimization and apply them automatically to your website.  Jon and I have both wasted countless hours learning this stuff on our own so we both feel the pain and have a good idea of how to build out a solution.  I’m looking forward to stretching new muscles this time around as I tackle more of the business side of the company.

If you want to know more, head over to We’d love any feedback you may have on what we’re doing. We’re also currently looking for some brave souls to be our first customers when we launch, so if you’re interested, be sure to sign up.

We have a huge vision and a ton of work ahead of us. I’m looking forward to doing my part at making the internet better by making it faster.

  • Looks great, Josh! Awesome idea with a totally practical use. Keep up the awesome work guys!

    • Thanks man. Hope we get it running for some Quickleft clients soon.

  • Interesting idea Josh. So does this with work with web apps or only static sites? If you deploy a new release how does TorBit know to update it's cache?

    • Great question. We have a short lived cache, so new changes will show up within a couple minutes. That said, if you need it right away, we'll also have a "clear cache" button inside our interface as well as a shell script you can throw into your deploy routine that handles the cache invalidation.

  • Sam

    good idea, but didn't Google just announce something along the same lines couple of weeks ago?.

    • They did. It's an open-source apache module called mod_pagespeed. It works a little differently and has some different advantages / disadvantages to what we're doing.

  • I'm excited for you and to see what lies ahead for Torbit, looks very promising. I wish I had the innovation and guts you've got.