My talk on AB testing at BDNT

On Tuesday I gave a 5 minute talk at the Boulder New Tech Meetup on the value and dangers of AB testing. It’s an area where I’ve made mistakes in the past and it was fun to share my perspective on the topic.

Here’s the entire video from the event.  I start talking around 19:22.

Thanks to Robert Reich for the opportunity to speak, Julie Penner for doing such a great job MCing at the last minute and to Dan Moore for linking me to the video.

  • That took a lot of humility and honesty, Josh. Well done.

  • I've been looking forward to watching this for awhile. Looks like Ustream is having issues right now, but I'll find it. I heard it was amazing.

    • Which browser are you using? Ustream seems to have issues in for me in Chrome but it works in Firefox.