My interview on Mixergy

If you haven’t heard the news yet, Rob and I have decided to shut down EventVue.  As you can probably imagine, it was a incredibly hard decision.  We’ve poured the last three years of our lives into EventVue and it’s tough to say goodbye.

One of the things we wanted to make sure we did was to share some of the lessons we learned.  Our hope is that other entrepreneurs can avoid making the same mistakes we did.  Rob wrote up a good post-mortem on our blog that tells our story in pretty good detail.

On Friday I had the privilege of being interviewed by Andrew Warner on Mixergy.  To be honest, it wasn’t my greatest performance.  I’ve been struggling with a cold and there were a couple times during the interview where I found myself wishing my brain worked faster.  That said, it was a real honor to have been invited on the show and be numbered with the incredible people that Andrew has put together. Speaking of which, if you’re not subscribed to Mixergy, you’re missing out on some fabulous content. Andrew has put together a great set of interviews from countless people I respect like Jimmy Wales, Seth Godin and Paul Graham to name a few.

My interview is about an hour long and is imbedded below.  I hope you’ll check it out:

  • Hey Josh,
    Great story, truly inspiring.
    I took notes on your interview and I would like if you could check and make sure it's accurate and comment and let me know what you think.

  • Thanks! I appreciate you doing that. Overall, the notes look great. A couple minor tweaks… We raised *around* 500k. I think the actual number ended up slightly less. We also had 12 investors instead of 10 (we lost a few people and brought in some new blood between rounds) and while most of them contributed 25k we had a few people chip in slightly more or less. Like I said, minor tweaks. Thanks again for doing that.

  • You deserve it. Thanks for your story and feedback. I will submit the updates now.