Ok, I’ve got it. Now what?

This past month I finally broke down and spent $500 to claim the domain name joshfraser.com. Right now it’s nothing but a landing page for my various content around the web. I’m looking for ideas on what else I should put there.

Post your suggestions in the comments. Thoughts on how we can rid the internet of domain squatters are also welcomed.

  • joshfraser.com used to be my domain a couple of years back until I let it lapse. It's good to see it go to a good home 🙂 Also, it's very strange to see another Josh Fraser in the same industry — I work for Twitter. Kind of small-world-ish.

    • Wow, that is crazy. It's nice to meet you. I've actually built a lot of stuff on twitter. I think I may have actually ran into jfray.com before, but didn't connect the dots on who you were.

      • I literally just bought jfray.com the other day. Squatters took that one too, they finally decided not to renew it after 2 1/2 years. Working on some django projects there and hope to have something up in the next week 🙂 I'm enjoying your blog here too, good stuff.