TechStars applications are now open!

For those of you that are considering starting your own company, TechStars is a great way for you to get connected, get funded and get your company off the napkin and onto the interwebs. If you are questioning whether or not the TechStars program is worth it, take a look at what TechStars did for me:

A year ago…

• When I had a technical question I went to Evan Tishuk or Daniel Von Fange. That was it. Those were the only two programmers I knew.

• I knew one person who worked at Google, and not very well at that. I didn’t know a single person who worked for Microsoft, Yahoo or Facebook. I might have had a lot of friends in college, but I didn’t know anyone in the tech scene.

• I knew the name of one venture capital firm: Sequoia Capital.

• I didn’t have any money, nor did I know anyone who wanted to share theirs’ with me.


• I’ve got a slew of people standing by to help. Tom used to work for Oracle. He gets to hear all my database questions. Jon is the master programmer behind Intense Debate (the awesome commenting system I use on this blog). I talk to him about PHP stuff. Herb is an experienced CTO — he’s also my mentor/coach. Those are just the people I see on a regular basis — there are dozens more that are a mere email away.

• Not only do I know people at the big tech companies, I’ve gotten to know the people that are important to us in the conference industry as well.

• Not only do I know the names of a lot more venture capital firms — I know actual venture capitalists too. When it comes time for EventVue to raise another round of funding, we’ll know where to start.

• I still don’t have any money, but at least our company got funded.

So, what are you waiting for?

Check out the list of mentors. Look at the past companies. And apply for TechStars today!