Finally! RSS feeds for any website!

There is a beautiful venue in Denver called Red Rocks. The variety of shows offered there would tempt me – if only I knew about them in time. Now, if they had an RSS feed of their upcoming shows it would be different – but they don’t.

And Red Rocks are not alone. There are thousands of websites on the internet that have interesting content, but don’t provide a convenient way for me to consume it.

Thankfully a new service called feedity has come to my rescue. Their tool allows you to create an RSS feed for any website! So if you want an RSS feed for Red Rocks – no problem!

Update: Feedity also allows you to customize which content makes it into the RSS feed. For example, here’s an updated feed that includes the dates for each show at Red Rocks.

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  • Justin

    I just did the coolest thing with this. Erin writes and takes pictures for the Seneca Daily Journal and Daily Messenger ( I wanted an RSS feed of only her articles and photos, but of course they only offer an RSS feed of every new story. So I did a Google search of the site for her name (“erin scott”) and made an RSS feed of the results with Feedity! Now I’ve got all her articles and photos as a Feed on my Google homepage.

    The possible uses for this are endless! An RSS feed of any Google search. Pretty sweet.

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  • Antergi ( gets dates in the feed it generates for the Red Rocks Concert page automatically, without any messing around.