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Hey Josh, what are you doing now?

That’s the question I’ve been getting about 10 times a day lately.  It’s been 4 months since we shut down EventVue and my life has changed a lot since then.  I wanted to give a quick personal update to those of you who care about me and are interested.

After shutting down EventVue, Rob and I were immediately inundated with messages from friends and strangers alike.  I was blown away.  The outpouring of support was completely unexpected and I want to say “thanks” to everyone who reached out.  You reminded me once again how lucky I am to be a part of this community.

Next, I decided to take a month and travel around Australia and New Zealand.  The scenery was stunning and the trip gave me a much needed break.  It turns out startup life can be quite exhausting.  We’d been at it for 3 years and I was working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week right up to the end.  Going to the other side of the world gave me a much needed opportunity to clear my head.  It also reminded me that other things in life matter more than just working all the time.  I met a ton of great people and their nonchalant attitude towards their careers was pretty contagious.  I left for down under with the intention of figuring out my next startup or job, but over the month I was gone I felt every ounce of ambition drip out of me.  It was great.

After getting back to the States, I started wading through the dozens of job offers that had come in while I was gone.  I considered a few of them, but the month off left me with some serious commitment issues.  I knew I wasn’t ready to do another startup, but I could already feel that itch starting to come back.  The more I thought about it, the less it made sense for me to take another full time job.  I hated the idea of taking a full time job when there was still a high chance that I would just bail after a few months to do another startup .  As they say, you only get to leave Google once.

So instead, I said “yes” to some offers for consulting and contract work.  And that’s mostly what I’ve been doing.  It’s been a good chance to work on projects I find interesting with people I like.  It’s also given me a great opportunity to get my work-life balance straight once again.  I’ve been getting outside more and have started to get into rock climbing.  I’m loving it!  Summers in Boulder are amazing and I’m looking forward to lots of hiking and mountain biking this summer.

Another benefit of the contract work is that I have more time to play with ideas for my next startup.  I’ve realized that startups are an addiction and I’m thoroughly hooked.  One idea in particular has captured my attention.  It’s too early to say much, but the basic concept is that I want to change the way we grocery shop.  I’m trying to learn as much as I can about the grocery business and I’d appreciate any insight or introductions you can make along those lines.  I’m not planning to jump head-first into another startup quite yet, but it’s fun to start dreaming of new ideas again.

So, how’s life?  Better than I deserve.  I’m convinced we made the right decision to close EventVue — if for no other reason than I’m happier now than I’ve ever been.


Question of the week…

For the past two months the view from my apartment window has been of the Boulder Flatirons.

Believe me – this view never gets old!

The only problem is that Rob and I are getting kicked out of our apartment at the end of the month. Back in May when we first found our apartment on craigslist, we were only able to secure our lease until the end of July.

That means in a few weeks Rob and I will be homeless. We’re not very excited about the prospect of sleeping on the street. That’s why we need your help.

Do you have a place we could sleep at night, or do you know anyone who does? We’re looking for at least a two bedroom apartment/house near the downtown Boulder area. Let me know if you can help!


The big push.

This week has been crazy, exciting and a lot of fun!

Recently David has been pushing us to get our products out for people to start using them. We took his challenge to heart and had an early alpha launch with our first online community for a conference in Palo Alto, CA called Community Next. It’s a big deal for us to finally have real users interacting with our product. We are pumped!

Community Next is a conference on viral marketing which is organized by Adam Kalamchi and Noah Kagan. Last I heard, they still have 25 tickets left if you want to attend. They have some great speakers lined up and an impressive list of attendees. The EventVue community is only available to those who register, so if you want to be in on the action, you’ve gotta sign up! What more incentive could you need!?

The EventVue launch for Community Next wasn’t the only big push that took place yesterday. Here’s a fun video that Aaron from Villij posted earlier. Enjoy!


The story of how I became a programmer

The story of how I became a programmer is really a story about my dad.

As long as I can remember, my family has had a computer in our house. My entrance into the programming world started when my dad bought me some books on how to program our Apple IIe. I spent hours trying to write programs for that thing!

Then early in high school I decided I wanted to be a website designer. My dad encouraged me to build a website for a local company and see if they would pay for it. I guess my price was too high. I asked for $100 and they turned me down!

My dad told me not to be discouraged, but said “If you really want to be good, you should learn HTML”. So I did.

A few weeks later I was showing off what I had learned about HTML, and my dad said “That’s great, but if you reeeally want to be good, you should learn JavaScript”. So I did. And after I mastered JavaScript, I learned PHP. And after PHP, I learned mySQL.

After I graduated from high school, I went to Clemson to study Computer Science. My dad never had a college education, but he made huge sacrifices so that I could.

During the summer, my dad landed me an incredible internship with a company in Charlotte. By my second summer there, I was the project lead for multiple clients. I probably learned more about programming at Orbis, than I did in college.

For 23 years my dad has shown me how to work hard and not give up. He’s taught me to think outside the box, and has continually pushed me to take on bigger and bigger challenges.

Dad, thanks for being such an incredible example to me. Happy Father’s day! I love you.

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