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The bell

Jeff Bezos loves to tell the story of the bell that rang in the Amazon office every time they made a sale.  Of course, after a while it began ringing so often that they had to turn it off.  The important thing was that the bell served as a constant reminder to the entire team of what they were trying to accomplish.  The bell unified the team behind one goal and gave them an obvious way of knowing how they were doing.

I was late to the party in understanding the power of the bell.  I’ve since been eager to catch up and install some modern-day bells for EventVue.

Earlier this year we started sending out nightly metrics emails to everyone in our company along with some of our close mentors and investors.  This email includes key metrics like how many people signed in that day, how many people used Discover, how many people shared with friends, etc.  Recently we took it one step further and started publishing real-time updates into the Socialcast community that our company uses for internal communication.  We publish stories as people use our products and reach meaningful milestones like inviting their friends to join them at an event.

The result is quite powerful.  It helps us really feel what’s happening in addition to seeing the cold, hard numbers each night.

Of course, there are a lot of different ways you could accomplish the same goal, but building on top of the Socialcast API has given us a few unique benefits:

  • Our bell can be heard anywhere we have an internet connection.
  • We don’t have to change our behavior.  We’re already using Socialcast every day.
  • Everyone has their own volume control.  The stream can get noisy, but Socialcast makes it easy to filter.
  • We can search, filter and catch up later if we miss anything.

If you haven’t installed a bell in your office yet, why not give it a shot?  You’ll find yourself encouraged by some things and discouraged by others.  One thing is for sure:  you’ll learn more about your users as a result.  And at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about