Josh Fraser

Entrepreneur, rock climber and world traveler.

Currently working on Origin Protocol. Origin is the sharing economy without intermediaries. We’re creating a set of protocols that enable buyers and sellers of fractional use goods and services to transact on the distributed, open web using the blockchain.

Previously co-founded Din (formerly known as Forage), Torbit and EventVue.

Din was a subscription service that delivered weeknight dinners you could cook in 20 minutes or less. Torbit offered web performance analytics and optimization before being acquired by Walmart Labs in 2013. EventVue was part of the TechStars startup incubator in Boulder in 2007 and provided tools to help conference organizers build community and market their events online.

Josh graduated from Clemson University in 2006 with a BS in computer science. As a strong believer in open-source software, Josh has contributed to several projects like PubSubHubbub and has several popular projects of his own, including timezone detection in JavaScript, library for splitting names, non-blocking async curl in PHP and a backwards compatible version of window.postMessage().

He has given talks at many conferences and events including WDAS, BUIDL, Beyond Blocks, Marketplace Conference, Global Blockchain Forum, Blockchain Open Forum, Hack Summit, World Crypto Economic Forum, Blockchain Connect, The Ajax Experience, Velocity Conference, Ignite Boulder and other events.

Josh is a mentor with two of the TechStars programs — TechStars Cloud in San Antonio, TX and The Next Big Thing in Greenville, SC.

Josh grew up in Scotland and has dual citizenship. He currently lives in San Francisco, CA and plans to see the world from outer space one day.