Exporting Robinhood investments to CSV

I recently discovered Robinhood. It’s a mobile trading platform that let’s you invest in the stock market without paying any trading fees. I can’t shake the feeling that 0-fee trading is going to be one of those game-changes that creates a whole range of new applications that weren’t possible before. Quantopian is an early example, but I bet there will be more.

If you’re new to Robinhood, feel free to use my Robinhood referral link when you sign up to get a free share of a randomly selected stock when you fund your account.

Robinhood is currently only available on mobile and it doesn’t have any of the charts and graphs you would find on any other trading platform. Here’s a little python script I cooked up that will let you export your Robinhood trades to a .csv file you can import into Google Finance or whatever tool you use to track your investments.

Before running this code, make sure you have python & pip installed on your computer. You can either view the code on Github or if you trust me, open your terminal and run the following commands. If you have git installed, you can fetch the files you need using:

git clone https://github.com/joshfraser/robinhood-to-csv.git

Otherwise, manually download the files. Then:

cd robinhood-to-csv
pip install -r requirements.txt
python csv-export.py

The script will request your credentials then prompt you for a filename like this:

Robinhood username:
1 queued trade and 11 executed trades found in your account.
Choose a filename or press enter to save to `robinhood.csv`: