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Learn to code

The team at published a terrific video encouraging people to learn to code. It features some of the biggest names in our industry and it does a great job at explaining why programming skills are so important in this day and age. They want every student in every school to have the opportunity to learn to code. I’ve shared before the story of how I became a programmer. I was privileged to have access to a computer at a young age and a dad who encouraged me to learn to code. Considering the ever increasing demand for programming skills, it’s crazy that nine out of ten U.S. schools don’t offer computer programming classes at all. This is a great initiative to raise awareness and help inspire the next generation of developers.


Broken business models

Insurance companies make more money when they deny your claim. As publicly traded companies they have a fiduciary responsibility to maximize profits. It’s no surprise that customers get screwed.

Food companies make more money by making food less healthy. Fresh ingredients are expensive. Adding salt, fat and sugar makes food addictive which is great for profits, but not so great for our growing problem with obesity.

Lawyers drag out a case because they want to bill more hours.

CDNs advertise that they will speed up your website. Making a website smaller will make it load faster, but CDNs also charge by the byte. This leaves them with the temptation to do things that actually hurt performance in order to make more money.

There’s an inherent conflict of interest in each of these business models. How we do fix them? It’s not enough to promise that you’re incorruptible. We’re heard that story before. You have to fix your business model to align your incentives with ours.

How can you design your model so you make more money when you do the right thing?