Boulder will be less without you

Today I learned that two of my favorite people in Boulder are leaving this town.

Matt Galligan is a good friend. We went through TechStars together and have been friends ever since. Matt has decided to double down on SimpleGEO and sadly that means moving to San Francisco so their exec team can all be together in one place. Matt is an incredibly smart guy who has an impeccable talent for sniffing out new opportunities before the rest of us do. It’s been fun watching Matt take the lessons he learned from Socialthing and apply them to SimpleGEO.  He’s a great networker and someone I am continually learning from and look up to.

Andrew Hyde is another guy I respect a lot. Between Startup Weekend, Ignite and his work with TechStars, few people have done so much for the tech community in Boulder as Andrew. He’s given his time freely over and over again and I know there are countless startups in Boulder that are forever indebted to him for his help. When Rob and I shut down EventVue, Andrew was the one guy who took us out to the nicest restaurant in town for a ‘non-acquisition dinner’. I won’t forget that.  But that’s just the kind of guy Andrew is.   Andrew has decided to go travel the world and I couldn’t be happier for him.

Matt and Andrew, I couldn’t be more excited for you but know that Boulder will be less without you. I’m honored to be your friends. I just wanted to take a minute to say publicly that I’m going to miss you guys and remind you that you better get your butts back here soon.

  • I'm going to miss both of them too! Matt and Andrew have done a lot for Boulder and Colorado. I've enjoyed their company and hope they come back someday!