No risk, no reward

If you don’t miss a flight every now and then, you’re wasting too much time hanging around in airports.

If you’re a mountain biker without any scars, maybe it’s time to earn some.

If you haven’t wiped out in a while, maybe it’s time to push the limits once again.

If there is no danger of your heart being broken, maybe you need to take a chance at loving more.

Here’s to 2010, missed flights and new scars with awesome stories behind them.

  • As my old room-mate Dave told me after I impaled my knee on a fence post the first day I tried snow-boarding; "chicks dig scars". 🙂

  • i have plenty of scars… so um, there must be something missing… maybe it's "chicks dig scars and cars" or something like that. 🙂

  • Kelly

    I love it. There is no truer liver of these principles than you. Keep taking risks; the rewards should follow.

  • yes i agree there is no risk

  • we should take risk in life to get sucess