My wish list for Facebook

I’m a big fan of Facebook.  It’s one of the few services I use every day and I find it to be invaluable for keeping up with people. One of the results of using any service a lot, is that it makes it really easy to point out the flaws and features that are missing. Here are a few things I’d love to see implemented in Facebook:

I wish Facebook had nested comments on newsfeed items. I often find myself annoyed by the flood of notifications I receive after other people interact with an item I commented on or liked. As a result, I find myself commenting less when I think it’s likely I’m going to be spammed.  Nested comments would solve this problem as I could receive notifications only for direct replies to what I said.

I wish I could untag myself in pictures. This feature doesn’t seem to be working consistently.  I click “remove tag” and Facebook redirects me to my profile page without untagging me.

I wish the vertical spacing on the top header was even in the new design. I’m OCD. Small details like this tend to drive me crazy.

I wish the messaging system worked better. The two main things I want are reply-by-email and my inbox count in facebook to be automatically decremented after I read a notification email. This could easily implemented by adding a simple beacon to the notification emails.

I wish chat worked with XMPP as promised over a year ago.

I really wish Facebook would let me use the API to map Facebook ID’s to a given list of email addresses.

That’s my list.  What did I miss?

  • I use as my wishlist – not sure if this shows up or not:

    The last one on your wishlist should be possible. You send them a hashed list of e-mail addresses and they return you the Facebook ID for each one of those hashed addresses.

    • That page you linked so seems to be only for platform related issues, instead of general suggestions like this for I'm sure they have some sort of general feedback page, but I couldn't find it.

      Facebook does offer a friend-linking feature which lets you send a list of hashed email addresses and then show your users who they know on facebook. This sounds great, but they only show that information inside a facebook iframe. You can't actually get access to that data yourself. EventVue would love to be able to show the facebook profiles for everyone attending a conference, but we can't do that unless we can get every attendee to manually Connect their account.

      • My main concerns are all on the platform, as to me that's where the money is and where businesses are most likely to integrate.

        Regarding the e-mails, I don't think that's too big an issue. I don't want sites to be pulling my details from Facebook unless they explicitly have my permission to do so. Enabling a site to pull details by e-mail address is asking for a whole load of trouble – especially for spammers that already have these lists of e-mail addresses. I'm glad they ask for users permission, and when you do have the permission you have full access to all their profile data and can do with it as you please, on your own website even in a Facebook Connect environment.

  • Adam S

    I wish there was an easy way to remove myself from group message threads. Getting spammed by a group message that people send to all their fb friends (eg. “I lost my phone need all your numbers!” or “anybody looking for a subletter?”) is annoying to begin with, but the more frustrating part is that FB makes replying to the group the default option and replying only to the sender hard to find. The result is that you involuntarily get stuck in a message chain with no ability to “unsubscribe”.

    • I can't believe I forgot that one. That's huge.

  • Great list! The message stuff annoys me especially too. Some of these will never happen, but I wish…

    There was a simple way to import links to my blog posts into my newsfeed. The current import feature imports my posts as notes, which doesn't drive traffic to my blog and creates two sets of comments. I also when people comment on links to my blog posts in my news feed, their comments could somehow appear on my blog as well. If only someone would write a simple app like this (hint… hint…)

    I wish I could have an RSS feed of my news feed.

    Maybe something where you could post your location and check your friend's locations so you know when they're in town?

    That's all I can think of for now…

    • You could create an extra feed on your blog that only contains links, or perhaps a 2 sentence summary. You could then import that feed into Facebook instead of the full one.

      But I should warn you, changing the feed probably won't solve the issue of split comments. I often tweet links to my blog posts and half the time people reply inside Facebook instead of on my blog. I wish there was a way to fix that, but it feels like it would probably require integrations between Facebook and IntenseDebate / Disqus / WP / blogger, etc

  • I wish you could set FB to notify you by email when someone comments on something you have commented on, but does NOT notify you when someone comments on something you "liked." This would tune down spam a lot for me!

    Also, if you're truly OCD, the edges of the textbox I'm typing in right now are being cut off.

  • yes that would be cool, but i think they will get there since fb developers are always looking for new ways to make it better and more interactive.

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