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Selling what you have

Our product is far from finished. There are a million features that we want, but just don’t have yet. We’re working our butts off to get there, but in the meantime, we’re selling what we have.

I realized today that we’ve been spending more time telling our customers about the product we are building, than the product we have for sale right now. Imagine taking a customer into a showroom and showing them a shiny new Porsche and then trying to convince them to buy a Honda. Even though the Honda is 100 times better than the beat up Pinto they were driving, they are never going to be as excited as they could have been. The Honda is a great car, but it pales in the shadow of the Porsche. Having seen the Porsche, the customer will start focusing on all the things the Honda is lacking instead of the real benefits it provides.

What about you?

Are you apologizing to your customers that your Honda can’t go from 0-60 in 2.6 seconds OR are you selling them with the fact that the Honda is one of the most reliable cars on the market?

Are you apologizing to your customers that your web application doesn’t have many features yet OR are you selling them with the fact that your product is simple, easy to use and reliable?

Your customers’ perception of your product is largely impacted by how you communicate it to them. Make sure your customers are pumped about the Honda you are selling today, before you tell them you’re going to give them a Porsche tomorrow.


EventVue is Growing!

One of the coolest things about running your own company is the opportunity to choose the people with whom you work.

I am stoked to announce a new addition to the EventVue team. Today is Kevin Musselman’s first day as EventVue’s first employee. Kevin was pursuing a PhD in Computer Science at Clemson before we talked him into working for us instead. I’m confident that Kevin will add a lot to our company. He’s smart, motivated and really passionate about what we are doing.

It’s going to be fun having a good friend and a fellow tiger working alongside us. Welcome to Boulder Kevin!