Will anyone really use EventVue?

Last week EventVue launched an exclusive beta version of our product for the Community Next conference. Since then we’ve seen dozens of attendees sign in, create profiles and send messages to each other via our community.

We’ve been watching the usage statistics like hawks. These numbers are important to us, since they are an indicator of how much people value our product. We can get a good idea of how much benefit people are receiving from EventVue by the amount of time they spend on our site and how often they come back.

Since launching the community for Community Next:

  • EventVue users have racked up over 4,500 pageviews
  • the average EventVue user stays for 8.5 minutes
  • the average EventVue user views 14 pages per visit
  • 31% of EventVue users have returned 3 or more times
  • 19% of EventVue users have returned 9 or more times

To put those numbers into perspective, that’s a total of over 47 hours that have been invested by the Community Next attendees to prepare themselves for the conference!

We no longer need to wonder if anyone will use EventVue – they already are!

  • Congratulations!

  • awesome! Can I invest in your angel round?

  • joshfraz

    Johann, We’d love to have you invest. You are accredited, right?

  • Josh

    Of course he is!

  • adil

    hello guys, great work!

    can you please tell me what platform you use for the development of your product? JAVA or PHP, and why ?

  • Great job tracking the stats and being obsessive about it. Keep doing it. And thanks for sharing.

  • joshfraz

    EventVue is built on PHP. I’ll post a more in depth explanation of why we chose PHP within the next week or so. Watch for it.

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