I’ve not pulled this many all-nighters since sophomore year!

We had our one-month demos last night. It was a lot of fun seeing what the other teams have been working on this summer. I am blown away by the vision and talent of the other companies here at TechStars. It’s been cool to see the friendships developing between us.

I also love the way the various teams are helping each other out. Take the villijers for example:

  • Mike has been putting in as many late nights as we have. He’s been helping Rob get our server tricked out with cool stuff like mod-rewrite.
  • Anthony helped us design our business cards.
  • Theron drove us to Colorado Springs since we don’t have a car here. (To be fair, he did get to spend a day at the Broadmoor)
  • Aaron keeps us continually entertained with his card tricks and philosophical conversations.

It’s people like this that are making our summer so incredible.