The story of how I became a programmer

The story of how I became a programmer is really a story about my dad.

As long as I can remember, my family has had a computer in our house. My entrance into the programming world started when my dad bought me some books on how to program our Apple IIe. I spent hours trying to write programs for that thing!

Then early in high school I decided I wanted to be a website designer. My dad encouraged me to build a website for a local company and see if they would pay for it. I guess my price was too high. I asked for $100 and they turned me down!

My dad told me not to be discouraged, but said “If you really want to be good, you should learn HTML”. So I did.

A few weeks later I was showing off what I had learned about HTML, and my dad said “That’s great, but if you reeeally want to be good, you should learn JavaScript”. So I did. And after I mastered JavaScript, I learned PHP. And after PHP, I learned mySQL.

After I graduated from high school, I went to Clemson to study Computer Science. My dad never had a college education, but he made huge sacrifices so that I could.

During the summer, my dad landed me an incredible internship with a company in Charlotte. By my second summer there, I was the project lead for multiple clients. I probably learned more about programming at Orbis, than I did in college.

For 23 years my dad has shown me how to work hard and not give up. He’s taught me to think outside the box, and has continually pushed me to take on bigger and bigger challenges.

Dad, thanks for being such an incredible example to me. Happy Father’s day! I love you.